Adoption Combat Zone
Deceptions and Collateral Damage
True Story of International Adoption

Adoption Combat Zone Paperback

Deceptions and Collateral Damage: Our True Story of International Adoption
Published by Purple Cloth Books
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Have you ever felt drawn to the Hollywood fairy tale about adoption; you know, sunshine and lollipops, rainbows and unicorns, beautiful children and perfect parents skipping happily together through the daisies? All it takes is love, right? WRONG.


Adoption Combat Zone presents the reader with real life adoption experiences from more than 350 families, including the author. This is hard-hitting, adoption realism and a must-read for anyone considering adoption. Invaluable insights into adoption and hosting agencies, police and child protection services, and much more.


In Adoption Combat Zone the author takes you on a journey of her own personal adoption of four teenagers from Ukraine. From the deceptions and lies told by hosting agencies and while in country, to the trauma her family went through after bringing them home, you will find yourself sobbing, then angry, that such travesties take place, all in the name of helping children have a better future. Through the over 350 families who contributed their stories the reader realizes navigating the world of trauma children and teens is difficult at best and organizations who should support these families who have risked everything are the very organizations who contribute to the trauma. These problems with adoption are far more wide spread than most believe. Reading about confrontations with local law enforcement, child protective services, and even federal law enforcement with regards to human trafficking, this book will keep the reader glued to its pages to find out what happens next in this true story. 

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perfect bound | 366 pages | $24.95 USD | 6x9 | 9781732042605 | March 12, 2018